Media IP Rights Ltd

delivers efficient and bespoke services to artists, actors, songwriters, independent record labels and other entities within creative industries

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Based on our longstanding expertise our core services are management
of rights from traditional and digital sources

  • Administration of Neighbouring Rights income
    for Artists and Record Labels on audio and
    audiovisual sides
  • Copyright protection in digital media
  • Collection of royalties for entities such as
    Film & TV Producers and Actors
  • Publishing administration
  • Exploring potential for sync licensing

Through our network of highly selected industry professionals, we can offer comprehensive music business services to suit the needs of individual clients. Our mission is to serve our clients who need tailor-made royalty collection and consultancy services in order to maximize their income streams.

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Over 40 years of combined experience in the music business and more than 10 years in protection of intellectual property rights.

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Hanna Grzeszczyk, the co-founder of Media IP Rights Ltd, is a Music Business Consultant with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She is an executive with outstanding operational and leadership skills specializing in various aspects of the music industry with a particular focus on collection of royalties for artists and record labels.

Over her career she has been working on behalf of numerous high profile artists such as Paul McCartney, Genesis, Sting, Elton John, Jamiroquai, Franz Ferdinand, Pet Shop Boys, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, Rammstein, Simple Minds.

Prior to establishing Media IP Rights Ltd, Hanna worked alongside the highly regarded Neighbouring Rights and Music Industry Expert, Damian S. Pulle. Hanna was responsible for running the International Department of Rights Agency Ltd as well as the Business Development side of the company. Her involvement was substantial in tracking down new sources of income for recording artists. She negotiated and supervised processes leading to signing of agreements with numerous collection societies across the world. She also initiated the creation of the record label collection division at Rights Agency.

Hanna demonstrates a wide knowledge of the functioning of collection societies and worldwide data exchange and management as well as other issues relating to collection and claiming of royalties, rights and licensing. Hanna has worked with broad alliances such as the European Commission, European Parliament, Intellectual Property Offices, Ministries and Supervisory Authorities in countries such as Poland, Austria, Belgium, Serbia and others.

One of her accomplishments was playing a leading role in Rights Agency's discussions with the EU in regard to new Directive on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing.


Steve began his entertainment industry career at Accountancy Practice, Temple Gothard in 1976 near Portsmouth and then moved to the head office in London in 1980.

In 1985, Steve joined a two partner firm of Chartered Accountants, Martin Greene & Partners, within 3 years he became their youngest partner at 30. The same year as the company merged with David Ravden (changing its name to MGR). Over the next 20 years MGR grew to 12 partners and 100 staff. The firm was a young exciting boutique practice, specialised within the niche areas of Music, Media and Sport.

Most of Steve's clients were media based ranging from artists to record labels, publishers and management companies as well as many variations of other media focused services. Over the years he has represented numerous artists like Pet Shop Boys, Level 42, Eternal, Dina Carroll, Cliff Richard, Tears for Fears, Sugababes and many many more. He represented a number of independent record labels with a Joint Venture with SINE (Sony Independent Network Europe) Skint Records being one of them.

Following the early retirement of two principal partners at MGR. Steve in 2008 decided to pursue different goals to those of MGR. He set up hisown business, Steve Daniel Associates, a business advisory service. Among others, it soon provided the finance guidance to The Skint Entertainment Group. Over the next few years he worked very closely with the owner/directors restructuring, strategizing and planning the group future which resulted in the multi-million pound sale of their record label in 2014. At the same time as doing this, he was still able to spend time mentoring young creative business entrepreneurs.

Following the sale of Skint, he still continues to provide guidance and arbitration to clients, from family and friend businesses, to members of a rock bands. Most entrepreneurs started their business because they love doing what they enjoy and are good at, but also some need careful business advice, someone such as Steve, they can trust and rely upon to help them master the helm, to steer them through the choppy seas of running a business.

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